The Riga Conference 2020

Nick Redman, our Director of Analysis is presenting at The Riga Conference, which is held virtually on 12-13 November. The panel will discuss how COVID 19 will reshape the global order within China and The US. The pandemic has come at a time when power in the international state system is shifting to the east, with China asserting a global leadership role in limiting the spread of the contagion, while the U.S. is seemingly relinquishing such a role to focus on itself but, at the same time, finds itself in a power competition with China on economic and technological issues.

The panel will address the following questions:
  • Will the pandemic become a trend enhancer, strengthening bipolarity while weakening multilateralism?
  • Will this power reconfiguration push countries, including in Europe, to take sides?
  • What patterns will we see in relations between China and the U.S.?
  • Some tend to say that this is the first global crisis in more than a century where Washington was not able to lead by example. Is U.S. leadership declining globally and who is to replace it?
  • Since the pandemic is not a “self-eliminating political problem”, which political actors will undertake the role of leadership? Will it be China?
  • Will the reshaping of the global order or anarchy influence regional architectures?
  • Will the next decade be an era balancing threats, partnerships and competitors?
  • What are the global economic consequences of the U.S. and China opting to either have active engagement in global affairs or a refocus on domestic affairs?
Pandemics Reshape the Global Order – China and The United States
  • Dr. Kori Schake, Director of Foreign and Defence Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute
  • Prof. Liu Chunrong, Executive Vice Director of the Fudan- European Centre for China Studies
  • Brig Gen (ret.) Robert Spalding, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute
  • Dr. Patrick Keller, Vice President of the Federal Academy for Security Policy
  • Dr. Nick Redman, Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica
Moderator: Dr. Sandis Šrāders, Fellow in Russian Strategic and Military Studies at the Baltic Defence College

Additionally, we will support the event with a digital briefing book, which features a range of analysis from the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief.

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