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The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief® delivers timely, impartial and actionable analysis of emerging trends and developments in the global political economy, using a unique combination of external experts and in-house analysts.

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VAPOR Country Risk Ratings

Value at Political Risk (VAPOR) estimates average annual losses and probable maximum losses for political risk events over time.

Our latest VAPOR report captures the impact of COVID-19, outlooks for 2020 across more than 160 countries and an overview of global political risk trends.

Global Horizons

Global Horizons is an ongoing series of worldwide virtual events that culminates in the 36th Global Horizons Conference taking place in London March 23-24, 2021. Delivered in partnership with The Conference Board, it has three key themes:

Client Thought Leadership


Positioning clients as industry leaders

We work with clients including Dell, ING and Accenture to create thought leadership reports analysing topics as diverse as the 2020 US presidential election, the future of work and corporate governance in the EU.

Find out how we can help position you as an industry thought leader.

Thought leadership

Find out how we can position you as an industry thought leader.

European Corporate Governance

An EY report prepared in collaboration with Oxford Analytica assesses European corporate governance and takes a view on the  future role of audit committees.

Sensors as drivers of Industry 4.0

An EY report prepared in collaboration with Oxford Analytica to analyze the ways in which sensor technologies will drive forward Industry 4.0

US Politics Watch

In partnership with ING, analysing the upcoming US presidential election in 2020

Sustainable IT

For Dell Technologies - the sustainability challenge for public procurement of IT in the European Union

The Future of Work

EY in collaboration with us - the impact of digitalization on the labour force in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Digital health

In partnership with Accenture, exploring CIO opinion in seven countries on the future of digital health

Events, Webinars and Conference Calls



Oxford Analytica takes part in a wide range of events ranging from virtual and physical events and conference calls where clients interact with an expert panel on key issues of the day.

Trump vs. Biden - A Turning Point for the World?

October, 15, 2020: 9am UK or 4pm UK

As the US Presidential election draws near and the race tightens, governments and businesses must be prepared for what lies ahead. We have teamed up with ING Group to examine the potential election outcomes and discuss the consequences each scenario would bring in the short and long run beyond 2020.

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US Elections – What now?

November, 05, 2020: 11am EST / 4pm GMT / 17h CET

Every US presidential election feels like the gamechanger of the century, and so will the outcome of the 2020 election irrespective of the result. Election outcomes will have substantial yet highly uncertain impacts for the global business community.


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Global Horizons Virtual brings executives, policy-makers and experts together in a transformative "knowledge exchange" examining the most pressing issues of geopolitics, technology, business and ESG in an extensive series of online, public events.

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Supply Chains Under Stress

October 21, 2020, 15.00 UK / 10:00 EDT

Will COVID-19 trigger a great unravelling?

Libya’s civil war

Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 15.00 UK / 10.00 EDT

What chance for peace? ?

Risks and Opportunities in the time of COVID

Wednesday July 15, 15:00 UK, 10.00 EDT

How four events will shape the next 12 months

East Asia’s COVID-19 success

Wednesday June 17, 15:00 UK, 10.00 EDT

Can the region steal a march on the rest of the world?

Lifting Europe's lockdown

Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 15.00 UK / 10:00 EDT

How far, how fast, how permanent?

Recession or Depression?

Wednesday, April 22, 2020, 15.00 UK / 10:00 EDT

The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic

World Bank Group & IMF Annual Meeting 2020

Virtual meetings, October 12-18, 2020

Excred Americas

Annual event: October 5-6, 2020

Horasis Extraordinary Meeting

Virtual event, 1 October 2020

Willis Research Network: Digital Dialogues

Virtual event: April 7, 2020

Berne Union Annual Event 2020

Virtual event: May 12-14, 2020

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