Justin Vela

Senior Associate

Justin joined Oxford Analytica in 2016. Recent projects include a risk monitoring and analysis facility for a major airline and a separate monitoring service for a public sector client.  

Prior to joining Oxford Analytica, he worked as a journalist in the Middle East, Europe and Asia for a range of publications. He covered Turkey’s economy and politics and the war in Syria for outlets such as the Washington Post, the Telegraph, EurasiaNet, Foreign Policy, and The National. He was one of the few journalists to interview members of Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria.  

He holds a BA in International Relations from the Evergreen State College.  

His publications include: “In Syria, group suspected of al-Qaeda links gaining prominence in war to topple Assad” (2012), "Love in the Time of Syrian Revolution" (2012), "The new voices of Kuwait eager for change" (2014) and "Helsinki data centre to heat homes" (2010). 

Justin Vela