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China's Power Plays webinar series

China's Power Plays webinar series

Three webinars on what China’s presence and power mean for business and government. Starting September 30.

Rendering of Abs 2019-nCoV RNA virus

COVID-19 analysis & resources

Analysis, events and other resources helping clients & public engage with COVID-19

Chinese President Xi Jinping (Xinhua/Shutterstock)

Daily Brief: free analysis

Latest: Beijing’s ambitions and assertiveness will grow.

Infographic exploring the uptake of cashless payments

Featured Graphic Analysis

Latest: Pandemic will accelerate the rise of digital payments.

Libya’s civil war - what chance for peace?

Libya’s civil war

The findings of our most recent Conference Call.

Global Horizons Virtual webcasts

Global Horizons

Free and delegate webcasts and events on key issues in geopolitics, tech & ESG

Scenario planning for COVID-19

Scenario planning for COVID-19

How we can help you plan for the long-term ramifications of the pandemic.

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