Global Risk Monitor

Track the most significant global strategic risks

Global Risk Monitor pages on tablet screens

The Global Risk Monitor (GRM) tracks our top ten global strategic risks – the most serious and pertinent geopolitical and macroeconomic risks the world faces in the year ahead.

The GRM’s rigorous and transparent methodology helps businesses and policymakers track key emerging risks and measure their impact on geopolitics, macroeconomics and investor interests through a user-friendly graphical interface which integrates further analysis from the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief.

We also track bespoke risks for clients using the same model and methodology, in the GRM's offshoot, the Custom Risk Monitor. 

  • Identify strategic risks ahead of time
  • Monitor whether risks are worsening or improving
  • Transparent process and methodology based on Force Field Analysis
  • Regular risk updates with full underlying analysis
  • At-a-glance design makes monitoring risk quick and intuitive
  • Radial display dashboard showing top ten risks and risk history
  • Force analysis of risk drivers and restrainers, with risk intensity graph
  • Impact analysis, broken down by geopolitical impact, investor interests and macro-economics
  • Individual graphical risk history
  • One-year forecast
  • Daily risk updates and related analysis 
  • Weekly email highlighting key developments
  • Quarterly risk review

GRM basic: Access to the dashboard and risk analysis, and to related summary analysis from the Daily Brief

GRM full: GRM basic + access to full related analysis from the Daily Brief

Custom Risk Monitor: Mix and match our risks with risks that you would like us to monitor, or create your own dashboard populated entirely with custom risks

Pricing for the Global Risk Monitor depends on the number of users who accessing the service and on the edition(s) selected.

Pricing for a Custom Risk Monitor depends on the number of risks, the frequency of monitoring and the risks you would like to monitor.

To obtain an illustrative quotation for services that meet your needs, please request a trial or contact us using the links on this page.

Export credit risk visualisation

Client team: Country Risk team at an export credit agency

Issue: How to get internal traction with time-constrained senior management

Engagement: The client subscribed to the Global Risk Monitor for its compelling visualisation.

Result: The country risk team keep management aware of strategic risks.

Strategic issue awareness

Client team: Research institute of large corporate

Issue: How to broaden risk awareness beyond issues emerging from within the organisation

Engagement: Subscription to the Global Risk Monitor as an add-on to The Daily Brief 

Result: An improved ability to translate awareness of global risks into effective strategy, for example by taking action to alter unsustainable supply chains

Political risk underwriting

Client team: Brokerage at a political risk underwriter

Issue: To help enable quick decisions in a competitive environment

Engagement: Subscription to the Global Risk Monitor for its daily review and weekly email update on developing issues

Result: A successful addition to the client’s resource mix, which has improved the risk/return balance of business won.