The Times CEO Summit Africa

Africa’s hallmark is its diversity. As investor and strategic interest in its 54 countries grows, it is becoming more important than ever to distinguish objectivity from over-statement, macro analysis from mere advocacy.

We again partnered with The Times, providing the conference briefing book, Mapping Africa's Growth. Drawing on our Daily Brief coverage, our Africa experts provided insight on issues including the continent’s infrastructure deficit, new sovereign debt patterns, evolving China-Africa relations, urbanisation trends, and Africa’s ‘jobless growth’ phenomenon.

These themes dominated the discussion, too. From the speech given by the Ghanaian president, John Mahama, to that of the South African finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, the focus was on the opportunities presented by Africa’s economic rise - but also imperatives such as improving the quality and inclusivity of fast-paced growth.

For financial and corporate participants, underlying demographic, policy and governance issues were likewise a priority: balancing risk and reward in an Africa strategy continues to require a strong grasp of country, region, sectoral and thematic factors where politics, society and the economy meet.