Brexit: How does it impact your organisation?

The United Kingdom's vote to end four decades of EU membership has major ramifications for the international business environment and European political stability.

The past few days have witnessed volatility in both the markets and the political world (with Prime Minister David Cameron resigning and the opposition Labour Party in disarray). But what comes next?

 As a leader in Global Macro Diligence, Oxford Analytica is uniquely positioned to enable businesses and governments to: navigate the complexities of the Brexit landscape, develop resilience to master the uncertainty; and seek new opportunities amidst the volatility.

We address the following issues arising from a Brexit vote, as they affect specific sectors:


What will be the impact of Brexit on the British, Eurozone and global economy? Can the fallout be contained? What are the longer-term impacts on globalisation?

British and European politics

Will the UK hold together or will Scotland gain independence? How will Brexit impact Ireland? What is the future of the ‘European project’ and its pillars like Schengen? Will there be other referendums in countries like France, Denmark and the Netherlands? 

Defence and Security

Will Britain – and the European Union – become less internationalist and less influential as global actors?


What are the key points of negotiation in continuing UK access to the Single Market. What kind of deal is likely to be struck and how long will it take? What will the UK’s future trading relationship will the rest of the world look like? What is the outlook for TTIP? 

 Find out how we can help you navigate the impacts of the referendum with analysis tailored to your needs.

Sample analysis on the EU referendum