Thought leadership examples

Recent examples of our thought leadership work in the public domain

Korn Ferry Digital Sustainability Index

Digital disruption has emerged as the defining business issue of our age. Korn Ferry and the Korn Ferry Institute partnered with Oxford Analytica to create the Korn Ferry Digital Sustainability Index (DSI) that measures the extent to which businesses are set up to adapt continuously and achieve lasting success.

CIO perspectives on digital health

A series of reports, in partnership with Accenture, exploring the perspectives of 33 Chief Information Officers across the healthcare sector in seven countries on the future of digital health. Each report covered one of four regions: the United Kingdom and Ireland; Brazil; Saudi Arabia; and Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Thomson Reuters / Ipsos Consumer sentiment

We worked with Thomson Reuters IPSOS to explore how consumer sentiment survey data relates to some of the biggest events and themes of major economies in the past few years

Global trends to 2035

A report for the European Parliamentary Research Service exploring the ways in which global trends will shape the world Europe will face to 2035.

Kazakhstan’s example in promoting nuclear non-proliferation

A fresh perspective on how states can uphold the principles of disarmament and the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and become an active participant in global initiatives to curb the proliferation of nuclear weapons and reduce the associated risks

The business of education in Africa

Harnessing private sector contributions to improve the quality and relevance of education in Africa

Infrastructure in Africa

Law firm CMS wanted to spark conversations with clients on how opportunities and risks in Africa's infrastructure sector will develop over the medium term. We helped them identify the best subjects to gain client attention, and wrote the report.

Trade Barometer

The Castrol Global Trade Barometer (CGTB) is a composite measure of world trade, its growth and decline.

FDI in Africa

Understanding the nature scale and direction of growth in sub-Saharan Africa.

Gamification of education

How education can be improved with concepts drawn from video games

Sustainable Trade

Commerzbank has partnered with Oxford Analytica to provide an original outlook for sustainable trade over the next 10-15 years by exploring five drivers of sustainable trade.

Networked Government

The future of governance and the role of technology in enabling public service delivery anywhere, anytime, anyhow