Policy analysis & formulation

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We analyse policy initiatives by measuring them against stated objectives, assessing their implementation cost, and determining the optimal means of monitoring and evaluating their progress. 

We help clients link policy formulation to real-world outcomes using scenario planning and forecasting.

We work with public sector clients in government departments, regulatory agencies and multilateral institutions, and with government relations teams in the private sector.


Client team: Office of the Head of State in a resource-rich developing economy

Issue: The government wished to change direction in economic policy in light of the sustained low oil price environment.

Engagement: Our policy analysis team advised on short-, medium- and long-term policies the government should consider, in a range of policy papers, econometric analysis and briefings.

Result: The government uses our analysis to inform its policy-making, negotiations with international partners and intra-governmental meetings.

Client team: Strategy, government of Abu Dhabi

Issue: Abu Dhabi's Department for Economic Development wanted to know how Abu Dhabi and the GCC could generate significant employment opportunities outside the energy sector.

Engagement: Interactive strategy sessions led by Advisory's policy analysis & formulation team, followed by a policy recommendation report.

Result: The client focused on the investments needed to strengthen Abu Dhabi's economic activity outside of energy.

Client team: Policy Planning at a major national intelligence agency

Issue: The agency wanted to consider long-term threats from terrorist groups and policy counter-measures which governments might employ.

Engagement: Expert briefings from Advisory's policy analysis team examining possible terrorist threats and countermeasures to 2030. These drew on our extensive contributor network to analyse sources of threat ranging from the Middle East to cyberspace, in studies, one-to-ones and medium-scale events

Result: Our work facilitated the national intelligence community's long-term policy planning on terrorism.

Client team: Senior diplomats at the League of Arab States

Issue: The League of Arab States wanted to enhance its capacity to more accurately predict future crises in the Middle East and develop effective responses to them.

Engagement: Scenario-based analytical training from our Advisory practice, delivered in person in Cairo, gave League staff theoretical and practical tools for the practice of analysis, including avoiding bias and constructing scenarios.

Result: The client enhanced its predictive accuracy and crisis-response strategies.

Client team: Asia team at a European foreign ministry

Issue: What medium term geopolitical and macroeconomic effects will China's leadership transition have on the Asia-Pacific region?

Engagement: Our Principal, Graham Hutchings (a China expert), gave an expert briefing to diplomats and analysts.

Result: The client updated its foreign and trade policy planning concerning Asia.

Client team: International Government Affairs

Issue: How does the interplay between political and economic actors in Russia influence policy towards the extractive sector?

Engagement: Stakeholder mapping from the policy analysis team of our Advisory practice, supplemented by the Russia/CIS edition of The Daily Brief to provide daily monitoring of the political environment

Result: The client strengthened its government relations and engagement in Russia.