Macro strategy & market entry

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We advise on market trends that drive demand and supply.

We conduct macro diligence for market entry and M&A, assessing commercial opportunities alongside political and regulatory risks.

Client team: Political risk

Issue: Willis Towers Watson and Oxford Analytica conducted structured interviews with executives at a cross-sector group of leading global firms with a strong track record in political risk management, to discover how leading companies are responding to recent tumultuous political events.

Engagement: One-hour structured interviews were conducted with twenty panellists. The majority were Forbes Global 500 companies. The firms represented a cross section of industries including food and beverages, oil and gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and utilities. The companies are mainly headquartered in North America, Europe and Japan and have extensive global operations, including in “risky” countries.

Result: The survey found that investors are increasingly holding management accountable for losses experienced due to political risk exposure. Importantly, growing investor pressure to account for political risk exposure is likely to mean that companies will increasingly be compelled to benchmark such capabilities against their peers.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: What will the world look like in 2020; how will changing dynamics affect the demand for confectionery and other food products?

Engagement: Trend analysis and scenario planning from our Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client integrated this study into its long-term strategy, capturing new opportunities and mitigating future risks.

Client team: Financial risk

Issue: What economic scenarios over the next five years could adversely affect the client's balance sheet exposure?

Engagement: Plausible medium-term, high-stress economic scenarios from our Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client adjusted its risk positioning and successfully underwent UK and European stress-testing reviews.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: A defence manufacturer wanted to make its strategic planning more responsive to long-term geopolitical change.

Engagement: Our Advisory macro strategy team developed three different global scenarios over a ten-year timeframe and assessed their likely implications on different regions. We anticipated two major inflection points (instability in the Middle East and a militarily resurgent Russia) and posited a third, the fracturing of global trade policy.

Result: The client was better able to prepare for global developments.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: What will cities look like in 2040 and how will their infrastructure needs drive demand for natural resources?

Engagement: Econometric forecasting and trend analysis from our Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client developed new strategies to seize emerging opportunities and mitigate potential risks.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: What market opportunities and risks could arise from the acquisition of a wealth management company?

Engagement: Econometric analysis and scenario planning across 50 countries from the Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client acquired the target for 15.5 billion dollars.

Client team: Senior Partners

Issue: What are the different scenarios in which geopolitical developments could affect the global business landscape over the next decade?

Engagement: Our Principal, Graham Hutchings, gave an expert briefing to the firm's partners retreat in the United States in which he discussed issues ranging from possible trajectories of US foreign policy to the emergence of a global middle class.

Result: The partners drew on the key themes identified in our engagement for their strategic planning sessions.

Client team: Business development

Issue: A utility considering global investments wanted to understand the medium-term outlook for the renewable energy sector in Brazil.

Engagement: Macro-diligence study and expert briefings on Brazil from our Advisory macro strategy team.

Result: The client made Brazil a cornerstone of its growth strategy.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: A data management company wanted to understand how future demographic, environmental and technological trends worldwide would influence the development of the IT sector.

Engagement: Scenario planning and demand forecasting from Advisory's macro strategy team.

Result: The client integrated our study into its strategy for pursuing new growth markets.