Boardroom enablement

Expert speaker leading a strategic planning session

We enable directors in corporate boardrooms to frame global macro issues in a way that is relevant to their long-term strategic, operational and investment objectives.

Though a combination of bespoke analysis and in-person discussions and facilitation sessions, we equip board members with the analytical frameworks necessary to gain an enhanced understanding of the key drivers shaping the global macro environment. These customised frameworks guide decision-makers in optimising their strategy and risk planning.

Client team: Board of Directors, global mining company

Issue: How can the Board better understand and support executives in preparing for long-term risks that could develop in countries where the company operates?

Engagement: We analysed long-term trends concerning the stability and governance of priority countries for the client’s operations, and identified a set of factors which could trigger volatility. We developed a framework which the Board can use to make judgements on the long-term prospects for mining in priority countries.

Result: The Board is better able to make more accurate judgements on how country-specific risks could develop over the long-term, and advise executives on more accurate decision-making.

Client team: Board of Directors, a global hotel chain

Issue: What are the global mega-trends to watch over the next decade and how may they impact the leisure industry and hotels sector in particular?

Engagement: Our senior executives led a strategic planning session which explored relevant emerging global themes - like the shift in wealth from West to East, the development of a global middle class, and sustainability constraints.

Result: Board members took key points arising from the planning session, and advised executives to integrate then into their market expansion plans.