About OAi

Oxford Analytica Innovation (OAi) is Oxford Analytica’s in-house innovation lab.

Established to advance the industry of geopolitical risk that Oxford Analytica pioneered in 1975, OAi will focus on finding new ways to harness, present and distribute insights that reflect changes in the global political landscape.

OAi works in collaboration with public and private organisations, research institutions and start-ups to ensure it is at the forefront of change and delivering the highest possible impact for Oxford Analytica clients. 

A dynamic innovation environment building next-gen geo-tech solutions

David K. Young, Chief Executive Officer

David K. Young, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Analytica, said: “The current pace of change is arguably unprecedented. Global dynamics have created an interlinked web of causation that impacts the strategies, policies, operations and investments of organisations whether they be public or private sector, domestic or international. Technological advancement coupled with a new generation has created a different working world, one that is changing each and every day.

"It is the purpose of Oxford Analytica to accept the challenge of change and to further the frontier of understanding and enterprise, so we decided that it is critical to establish OAi. OAi is a dynamic innovation environment focused on building next-gen geo-tech platforms so that we truly do empower our clients to succeed in complex and uncertain global environments.”