Defence and Aerospace

Jet fighters against a blue sky

We advise defence and aerospace companies on how geopolitical and security developments will drive requirements.

We work with firms to produce thought leadership which advances their public policy agendas.

Our analysis covers both short and long terms, and looks at government spending, type of capabilities needed and public attitudes towards defence.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: A defence manufacturer wanted to make its strategic planning more responsive to long-term geopolitical change.

Engagement: Our Advisory macro strategy team developed three different global scenarios over a ten-year timeframe and assessed their likely implications on different regions. We anticipated two major inflection points (instability in the Middle East and a militarily resurgent Russia) and posited a third, the fracturing of global trade policy.

Result: The client was better able to prepare for global developments.

Client team: Public Policy

Issue: NASA wanted to promote a debate about the role government can play in developing a bigger economic ecosystem around space exploration. It wanted this to coincide with US presidential and congressional elections.

Engagement: Our Advisory thought leadership team produced a report which forecast drivers of demand in the space economy and compared international practice on the commercial exploitation of space exploration.

Result: Launched at a policy event in Washington DC, NASA used the report to start conversations with key stakeholders in the Obama administration and Congress.

Client team: Strategy, Business development

Issue: Knowing likely policy and budget changes to national defence spending.

Engagement: Subscription to the Security & Defence edition of The Daily Brief, with additional use of customised e-mail alerting for high-priority notification of critical events and tailored content collections from the archive to allow drill-down into deeper background and analysis

Result: The client is assured of continuous tracking of defence spending developments affecting key militaries and receives expert analysis of political and economic factors likely to change budget levels and priorities.

Client team: Market Trends & Analysis

Issue: The client wanted to understand the key trends facing the global political economy in the year ahead.

Engagement: Attendance at The Oxford Analytica Conference: Global Horizons 2015 where they participated in a range of highly interactive seminars, attended panels, networked and benefitted from speaking with experts one-on-one about the major risks in key geographies and industries.

Result: The client gained new insights on current issues, a broader understanding of the key risks and opportunities in 2016 and knowledge of what their peers were concerned with; all of which fed back in to their day-to-day work to help achieve the strategic goals of their business