Earth as a network

Our core expertise is the assessment of the actual and potential impact of macro forces on clients’ strategy, policy or operations. 

Our expertise covers geopolitics and macroeconomics across all regions and countries of the world and the points at which they intersect. We have broad sectoral expertise from aerospace to finance to utilities and subject expertise from climate change to terrorism to security and defence.

We have specialists in the political, diplomatic, policy, economic, social, legal, regulatory and governance aspects of the geographies, sectors and topics that we cover. The depth and breadth of our expert network mean we can deploy the right mix of expertise to provide anything from a broad strategic overview to a drill-down into focused sectoral analysis. 

By having multiple and overlapping contributors on every topic, no matter how deep, we are uniquely positioned to provide qualitative and quantitative analysis, comparative studies and thought leadership of the highest quality.

Our more than 1,400-strong contributor network comprises senior faculty in first-class universities, scholars in leading research institutes, and world-class industry and sector specialists.

That breadth of expertise allows us to find the right qualitative and quantitative experts for any topic whether a client’s need is a direct conversation, bespoke analysis by our Advisory team or macro monitoring via The Daily Brief.

Our contributor network

Some 40 senior members of our expert network work in close cooperation with the firm in identifying key themes and framing questions that clients may need to be asking.

Region heads are leading academics or former senior industry and government practitioners who are abreast of cutting-edge thinking on geopolitical and macroeconomic issues and help keep our in-house team in touch with the latest events, opinions and movements both on the ground and in the influential decision-making institutions around the world.

Our Region Heads

Our in-house analysts are regional and sectoral experts.

They ensure that our analysis is not only timely and relevant to our clients’ interests but also of the highest analytical and editorial standards and presented in plain-spoken and precise English for busy clients who need to incorporate our work into their decision-making.

Our analysts

Our advisory team works with clients to deliver bespoke projects, usually through consulting engagements.

As well as their consulting expertise, members of our Advisory team bring to bear significant commercial and sector expertise of their own, with backgrounds ranging from defence to the energy industry to public policy.

Our advisory team