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Global Horizons 2017

Global Horizons 2017

Watch conference experts and delegates discussing the key issues facing the world in 2018.

Infographic exploring secessionist movements across Africa

Featured Graphic Analysis

Clampdowns boost appeal of secessionism in Africa.

Mexico in 2018 research service

Mexico in 2018

Monitor the impact of the 2018 presidential election campaign on the investment environment.

Photo: Reuters/Dale de la Rey

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Xi's legacy hinges on leadership reshuffle.

Snapshot of weekly brief

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Germany’s elections and the future of Europe

Germany’s elections and Europe

How will the new German government influence EU reform? Conference call

Graphic Analysis exploring migration from North Africa into Europe

The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief

EU measures are curbing Mediterranean migration.

How are leading companies managing today's geopolitical risks?

Political risk management survey

With Willis Towers Watson, we looked at how leading companies managing today's geopolitical risks.

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