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Global Horizons 2018

Global Horizons 2018

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Infographic exploring external debt in Sub-Saharan Africa

Featured Graphic Analysis

Rising debt will expose Africa to interest rate shocks.

Korn Ferry Global Talent Crunch front cover and detail

Global Talent Crunch

With Korn Ferry & Man Bites Dog, we calculated the impact of skilled talent shortages on global growth

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US-North Korea dialogue may outlast sunken summit.

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Graphic Analysis exploring international debt

The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief

Debts could crimp growth prospects in emerging markets.

A statement from Oxford Analytica's Global Managing Director, David K. Young

Cambridge Analytica: no links

"Oxford Analytica has no relationship with Cambridge Analytica" - Global Managing Director David K. Young

North Korea's new direction: Bona fide or bluff?

North Korea's new direction

What will be the impact of Pyongyang's new outreach to its old adversaries? The findings of our our most recent call.

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