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Rendering of Abs 2019-nCoV RNA virus

COVID-19 analysis - April 3

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European Central Bank, Frankfurt (Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach)

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COVID-19 threatens to fragment the EU further.

COVID-19 VAPOR Ratings Report

Country Risk Ratings

A special edition of our VAPOR Ratings report captures the impact of COVID-19.

Scenario planning for COVID-19

Scenario planning for COVID-19

How we can help you plan for the long-term ramifications of the pandemic.

Infographic exploring health capacity in the Maghreb

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Maghreb lockdown rush may reflect low health capacity.

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European Corporate Governance

European Corporate Governance

An EY report prepared in collaboration with Oxford Analytica.

Infographic exploring responses to the COVID-19 pandemic azcross Africa

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Africa may face uncontrollable COVID-19 crisis.

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